Hurricane Irma Spinning, 2017

Prepping for Irma, trying not to worry too much during Irma, and dealing with the aftermath of Irma basically took 2 weeks. We were lucky not to lose any big trees (need to take a couple of the big pines down, as one is definitely leaning more), and only lost power for a day. Long enough to have to toss the kitchen fridge/freezer stuff, but not enuf to need to toss the garage freezer stuff. Too bad I didn’t think to move the kitchen freezer stuff into the other one before we lost power. We still have the plywood in one van, instead of returned to the storage place, as the elevator is still out of order. We had so much rain that the lake across the road from the storage place spread and filled in the elevator shaft area to a depth of at least 6 feet. The water also flooded the first floor of two of the buildingsā€”I think it actually went over the road for a bit. Not pretty!

Update: 7 weeks after Irma, still no elevator at storage place….

I decided to pick some fiber to spin to distract myself in the last hours of waiting for Irma, continued some while the power was out, and finished off the second braid of fiber in the first few days as distraction for the clean up (we still haven’t finished dealing with everything in the backyard). I picked out a gorgeous braid of 85% Superwash BFL/15% nylon in the Rainbow Connection colorway from Mad Color Fiber Arts. The colors were so pretty and suited my goal of distraction perfectly. It spun nicely and feels quite soft. I spun it on my Lendrum and chain plyed it on my Electric Eel 5. I divided it in half (close to halves), ending up with two skeins of the gradient-style yarn, just under 200 yards of sport/dk ish yarn.

irma fiber label 2017

rainbow connection irma yarn

I had time left to distract myself, so I rummaged thru my stash to find a braid I had dyed at my spinning/dyeing/weaving/knitting sister’s house (the other sister doesn’t spin/weave yet) that had very similar colors. That one isn’t divided quite as neatly in half. It is missing a bright green, but otherwise has similar colors, although the blue and purple are somewhat lighter shades. I ended up with one skein of just over 100 yds, and the other is about 75 yards.

rainbowy irma yarn dyed at sue house

In all I have 4 skeins, 8 1/8 ounces, approximately 375 yards total of sport/dk yarn. I’m pondering a suitable post Irma project. I’m thinking about knitting something, but I could weave with it. I have several fairly large (mostly triangle style) shawls I’ve knit from my handspun, and don’t wear them as often as I should (it’s central Florida and I often just toss an old Lands End cotton cardigan in the van for dealing with over air conditioned buildings).

I do like fingerless mitts and an occasional scarf, so that might be the way to go. Knit both? Knit mitts and weave scarf? I don’t really have a nice pair of mittens for the occasional suitable cold morning/evening, so maybe I should do that, and/or a cowl.

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