Maker Faire Report November 2017

We had a lot of fun at the Maker Faire! We had a count of 338 weft picks (most done by kids and some adults) on Saturday and 266 on Sunday. This resulted in about 2 yards of 13” wide fabric, after wet finishing. There was only one weft pick that had a long float that we didn’t catch before I cut the panel off the loom—the many weavers and I did an excellent job of noticing when the shuttle didn’t pass thru the shed nicely.  The solid color weft was Caron Simply Soft yarn (solids) and Bernat’s Dippity Dots (has “dots” of fiber; I bought a dozen skeins when it was discontinued at Jo-Ann’s summer 2016).  The warp was nearly 14″ wide, using a 12 dent rigid heddle and 2 strands of 8/2 cotton used in each slot and hole.

Woven at Maker Faire:

mf 2017 faire fabric panel


mf 2017 closeup faire fabric

Everything actually worked well, including sending the count to the cloud using the Particle Photon. I was happy to see many girls who were interested in both the weaving and the Arduino/RFID/Photon to the cloud stuff. Several boys were as interested in the weaving as the computer part. One father was delighted to see the Particle Photon aspect, as he had recently bought Photons and other supplies to work with his two daughters on computer projects.

I finished weaving off the warp with a single strand of the 8/2 cotton, using the warp yarn and a pink and multicolor, textured yarn I had on hand. I’m thinking about using the fabric woven at the MF to cover a Tidy Cat bright yellow litter bucket with handle—it will serve as a sample of what can be done with RH woven fabric. Not my idea, tho—the chair of the guild Demo Committee covered one she brings to our demos with prior demo fabric.

I have just over a yard of 12” wide lighter fabric woven with the 8/2. I could make a dress or skirt and top for an American Girl doll to show at demos. That will give me an idea about that weight fabric for a top for me in the future.

Fabric folded to show the various sections:

mf 2017 82 panel folded to show all colors


mf 2017 closeup 82 fabric

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