Distaff Day Orlando 2018

Note: naturally I forgot to take pictures all day!

My spinning group now organizes the annual Orlando, Florida Distaff Day event. Next year will be our 15th anniversary, and we are already pondering what we might do for a theme…

We had a cold start to the day for Central Florida—38 degrees F at 7 a.m. It was exciting at the house before I left—my husband had to do a major drain clean in one side of the kitchen sink and fix a leak. We “thanked” the cats for telling us about it, as they frantically messed with the sink. Apparently they thought the smell was just wonderful. Human opinion was otherwise…

People were asking to enter the meeting room at least one half hour before official opening time, while vendors were still setting up. Next year: Three people instead of two will work the registration desk first thing! We ended up with a great turnout of 111 paid entrants (we even had a toddler who had a wonderful time all day, giving his mother a chance to have a basic knitting class and time to practice).

Our location allows us to bring food, coffee pots, etc. The food selection was abundant and varied, and the last minute addition of hot cocoa was a big hit, given the temperature outside. I ended up finishing off a box of chocolate covered potato chips at the end of the day – there is a bonus for helping clean up!

I was scheduled to provide a short demo on lucets, and discovered that one of the vendors had made a few. I just had to buy one for myself to be able to tell people if it was nice to use (definitely a yes). Bonus: very reasonably priced! I have provided a handout listing some basic info about lucets, books, videos, etc. As I say in the handout, usually I can teach myself from a book, but with the lucet I needed to check out a video to see what people were doing with their hands to make sure my method wasn’t totally inefficient. I prefer to try something with a book, then take a class or observe someone who is good at the technique and have them offer feedback about what I’m doing rather than watch Youtube, but I have reconciled myself to the fact that I will have to sit at the computer or practice a lot more with using my Roku to access Youtube on the TV. I have many spinning and weaving dvds, but haven’t seen one for lucets yet.


Lucet Information

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