Turquoise Cowl inspired by project in Kismet book, December 2017

Sett sample for Louisa Harding Noema, Block Island Blend and 8/2 Homestyle Cotton bought at Halcyon June 2015 (https://halcyonyarn.com/).

I used my 8 sett Purl and Loop Swatchmaker acrylic loom (https://purlandloop.com/) to make a sample to determine the sett for the cowl itself.

Warp: Noema 5. Block Island Blend 3. Alternated Noema and BLB 4 ends each. 2 BLB. Alternated Noema and 2 ends used as one turquoise 8/2 for 4 working ends each. 2 more working ends turquoise. Alternated 5 Noema and dk turq 8/2 (2 ends as 1). End 3 working ends dk turq. Not sure which blue the Block Island Blend is.

Weft. Aimed for 8 picks per inch. Started with 8 Louisa Harding Noema (discontinued). Then 12 dk turquoise doubled. 8 turquoise doubled. 16 Block Island Blend. 8 Noema to end.

turq woven and knit cowl sett sampler and yarns                turq woven and knit cowl sett sampler

I was originally planning a woven scarf, but decided to do a variation on the Wine & Roses cowl in the Kismet book now available as a pdf (https://hillcountryweavers.com/products/kismet-book).  I used a multicolor yarn for the knit section, rather than a solid color. My yarns are finer than the ones they used in their project.  I used my 10″ Schacht Cricket loom (https://schachtspindle.com/item/cricket-loom/, available from many sources.

My inspiration project (designed by Suzanne Middlebrooks):

kismet wine and roses cowl pic from book

I loosely followed the yarn mix of the sample when I warped and wove the fabric panel for the cowl. The actual cowl took up a bit more after wet finishing than the sample—I think I was a bit more aggressive with it, and I have read that the closer the sample is in width to the planned project size, the more accurate the measure of take up. My woven panel took up about 10% both in width and length.

The scarf was just over 2 yards long after wet finishing and attaching the knit and woven panels with big yellow plastic flower buttons. I had hemstitched each end of the woven panel and left fringe of about 1 inch. I overlapped the woven and knit panels by about an inch and sewed them together by sewing the buttons through both panels. The woven panel is just over 5 inches wide and the knit panel just over 4 (I knew it would be less wide as the pattern is a rib variation, but didn’t try to exactly match the width).

The knit panel uses Yarn Harlot’s One Row Scarf pattern that she blogged about using handspun (http://www.yarnharlot.ca/blog/archives/2006/10/12/one_row_handspun_scarf.html). This is a rib variation, so compresses some in width. It is also reversible, which makes it nice for a cowl where you will see both sides of the fabric. I used a largish needle for the yarn so it is drapey (I used a 5; I nearly always use 1 size smaller than called for in a pattern to get gauge).

sample turn cowl kismet inspired dec 2017


closeup of turq cowl kismet inspired de 2017

I am quite pleased with my cowl—I like the colors, the texture and the big yellow buttons. I’m not a snazzy dresser as you can see in the picture, so draping the cowl is not my specialty.

For the future: I have enough of all the yarns left to make a matching bag or something else. I also plan to make more projects inspired by the Kismet book, probably using some of my handspun.

nancy wearing kismet inspired cowl dec 2017   turq woven and knit cowl full pic

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