Turquoise Cowl inspired by project in Kismet book, December 2017

February 4, 2018

Sett sample for Louisa Harding Noema, Block Island Blend and 8/2 Homestyle Cotton bought at Halcyon June 2015 ( I used my 8 sett Purl and Loop Swatchmaker acrylic loom ( to make a sample to determine the sett for the cowl itself. Warp: Noema 5. Block Island Blend 3. Alternated Noema and BLB 4 […]

Swatching with my Handspun

November 6, 2017

  Begun about September 10, finished September 17 2017 (part of my Hurricane Irma fibering). Inspired by the September Challenge in the Akerworks group on Ravelry (, I decided to spin my 1 oz of Electric Eel colorway merino on my Electric Eel 5 wheel (, chain ply it, and then swatch. I also wanted […]